“Monsters: Anger” May 2009 by grayza
May 17, 2009, 10:34 pm
Filed under: Deeper Service Outline, videos/visuals

Second of a short group of three services under the title of Monsters, where we are tackling difficult topics of Envy, Anger and Greed.  Three areas that are often hidden Monsters inside us that we hide from each other and often deny even to ourselves.

To open, Lorna shared a story of a monster from her nightmares when growing up, then Gordon reminded us of the point of the series and what was covered last time.  After a short video montage showing scenes of anger from various movies JJ asked people to discuss a little about these clips, then led us through a series of searching questions to open up the topic of anger.

Gordon and Jenny then led the next section – download mp3 here

The with an invite for prayer ministry the main sung worship section began.  Here’s a note of the set list:

  • Blessed be the name
  • It’s our confession
  • You chose the cross
  • Holy God
  • God in my living
  • O taste and see
  • Who is like you
  • Let the weak say

:  we try to change the visual set up, images used and the way we mix regularly.  This month we used two verticle drapes with projectors placed close and low to skew the image in a deliberatly distorted manner. The same image was used on all three screens with the words overlayed on the centre (fast-fold) screen only.  We have been using GrandVJ from ArKaos for video mixing for some time now which among other things gives the visual team much more flexability and control over upto 8 layers of video to mix live.