“Deeper Christmas” Dec 2008 by grayza
December 23, 2008, 12:06 am
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Taking a seasonal break from the Organic Faith series we took the opportunity to have a time of reflecting on Christmas.  We were continuing to use the side drape as an entrance way / secondary stage:

  • the drape is raised to let people in at the side (so that people don’t just fill up the back of the church), then droped when the service starts and the back opened up for latecomers – so if you’ve never noticed this you are always late!
  • then because this is fairly clear, and to mix things up a little the main talk comes from this side area with the speaker standing right beside their ppt/images.
  • in addition, this month we then set up a response station for people to do something.

What happened this month:

  1. opening time of worship (with fairly laid back minimal visuals for each song) – O little Town, O come o come Emanuel, This is the realm of your glory, O come let us adore him, O come all ye faithful
  2. then Jenny spoke from the side area (mp3 available) making the point that the known universe is “a little bit huge”, leading to a reading from John 1 (the video of which failed – sorry), and then unpacking this to show that Jesus was the word that created the entire universe and that the power capable of doing all that became the tiny human baby.  Jesus was sent to earth and did all that had to be done for us to be reconciled with God…. there’s more, listen to the mp3
  3. Ian read the story Father and Son by Geraldine McCaughrean
  4. as a time of reflection we played a CD track “Joseph Lullaby” by Mercyme with a video of a baby sleeping in a cot
  5. Jenny wrapped up this section and laid out the options for the rest of the meeting,
    – to join in the worship
    – to take time out to visit the responsive station (see below)
    – to take the opportunity for prayer ministry which was available in an area to one side of the church
    closing worship set was- Silent Night, Light of the world, Your grace is enough, Hark the herald angle sing, Joy to the world

The responsive station was set up behind where Jenny had spoken from (right hand side of church) and the screen was raised again to show this.  It was a simple nativity scene (using the Russian dolls we have had as a theme this Christmas) with full size, a hay filled manger in front of it and some candles either side.  In the manger also contained gold coloured stars with messages attached of Isaiah 9:6.  People were asked to, if and when they felt like it, come and kneel before this to reflect on what had been said and to take a star as a reminder to them.