“Organic Faith: Future Harvest” March 2009 by grayza
March 22, 2009, 1:18 am
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flickr01The last of our 6 ‘Organic Faith’ series which was designed to help you readdress and renew the aspects of your faith which easily get sidelined.  It was a time to remember why we believe, how our faith grows, what stifles that growth and how to overcome these things.

It was also one of the most technical series that we did experimenting with many ways of interacting and engaging.  With a month between events we wanted to bridge that gap by keeping in touch via email and blog, we asked you to participate in online surveys and used that to inform the next event and during some meetings we asked you to send us feeback instantly by txt.  Here is some of what went on:

Lastly, for this record, this month the visual team switched to new technology to produce the live visuals during the meeting – usng VJing software instead of the usual DVDs and video mixer – this meant super-widescreen effect onto our custom built full width screen.  While this took longer to setup it gives us more space, layers and flexibilty to mix.  We hope you enjoyed the effect and, as always, that this added to the experince without turning it into ‘a show’.

timelapse of March event

MeanwhileEnvy, Anger & Greed is what we are looking at in the next short season building up to summer.  More details soon.