“Organic Faith: Putting down roots” Oct 2008 by grayza
October 21, 2008, 9:22 pm
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The second in the series Organic Faith Putting Down Roots

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What happened this month:The setup of the building was dark, a welcome screen as people entered, cushions (and blankets!) but also more chairs than we normally leave out and these were arranged to get people into groups.  Again, we played some tracks by The Blind Boys of Alabama prior to the start as it went down well last month.

To start we faded the lights, music and played the opening purpose made video which sets the scene for the meeting, shows where it sits in the series and now also summaries the story so far.  Then Jenny and Gordon both summarized what the plan for the organic faith series was and posed a question for people to discuss in groups – the responses from the groups were then txt’d to the team and fedback on screen.

Using this feedback, the results from last month’s survey and a video diary made by one of the team, Jenny spoke about Putting down roots with the emphasis on being intentional about what you do in your devotional time.  This talk also involved lots of practical tasks for individuals and in the groups, specifically we gave people the opportunity to try different ways of doing devotionals –

  • viewing God as lover – using song of songs 2:10-13 and some visuals of nature
  • viewing God as Father – with some questions to discus in groups
  • viewing God as Friend – Jesus and disciples (John 15:15) – getting people to write things or draw as a response to the passage.

A recording of the talk including the group work is online.

There was then a time of sung worship and prayer ministry in repose to what was learned and any commitments made.

An important part of this series to help those who are interested to put into practice the ideas presented each month.  If you would like to be involved in this email with the subject=subscribe to receive one or two emails each month to help with this.