“Identity Theft: Bitter Fruits” June 2008 by grayza
June 16, 2008, 10:44 pm
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(or the one with the text messages)

This was the second of two Deepers based around a booklet “The Important of Forgiveness” by John Arnott. In May we looked at the root of our sense of unforginess and bitterness – ‘Bitter Roots’ this month is ‘Bitter Fruits’

As people arrived and then for a long portion of the meeting this presentation of images, bible verses and quotes looped which linked what was mentioned last time with this and emphasised certain points. After a quick welcome we opened by showing this video about the Fruit of the Spirit (again, also used last month).

Gordon then opened by introducing the topic then introducing the worship band. Following this opening time of worship JJ and Gordon played out an illustration based around not just the fruit of the spirit but how to apply these.

Illustration by JJ and Gordon – Fruit of the Spirit – June 2008

The result of all this was that to work towards achieving this Fruit in our lives we need to abide in God, but what does that mean to each of us as individuals? To discover this Jenny asked people to get into groups to discuss how each person thought they could abide in God and learn his will for our lives. What they came up with was then to be sent as a text that we compiled to feedback on the screen…. Here, for the record are all the responses….

Praying with others — seeing beauty of creation he made — reading the bible — mind through God’s truth — reading bible, listening to worship music while driving! — walking in the park, listen to a sermon online — worship-lift up the Name of God — Prayer that god will guide me & holy spirit will work inside me — Check my thoughts do not tell me I am rubbish, Contradict these negative thoughts with the truth of Jesus love for me — boundaries ways to worship during the day — singing — discipline — disciplined to keep time for God. Letting go of resentment. Keeping self open / keep praying and keep serving God in practical ways. If I’m hungry for God, taking God to others who are starving feeds me — honest, challenging and consistent friend — listening to worship music, praying every time I hear the underground pass, breathing deeply-reminding myself of Gods breath in me.. – – solitude in quiet place – – take time out — music on the way to work or at night — spend time chatting to God when I cycle to work! — pray, chat, fellowship, read bible — find a peaceful place, park; resting listening 2 music; meditating on psalm or other bit of the word; climb a hill — abide in christ means to endure the hardship and not give up. It is a long and narrow road to follow christ — solitude / a quiet time / waiting on God — surround yourself with fellow brothers and sisters — soked in gods word. Discipline faith prayer fellowship — reading the word of God — meditating — making quality time talkin to God and connecting a priority — God expects us to do our duty — corporate worship .. being in the presence of people praising god — being on bike — abide in family, life in action, prayer, reading bible, contact with others

After feeding all this back there was a soaking time with music, visuals and ministry team praying for everyone present. Then Gordon did a short summing up of everything and the following notes were given out. The mp3 recording from this meeting is made up from all of the teaching that took place.

Handout (page 1 of 2) from June 2008 Handout (page 2 of 2) for June 2008

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